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International Relations LC Peer Mentor Position Description 2019-2020

The Office of Learning Communities has a Peer Mentor (PM) program designed to give students the opportunity to engage in a position that promotes academic success with first year Learning Community residents. Through this the PMs will support the Mission of the Office of Learning Communities by coordinating academic initiatives pertaining to their learning community.

Overall Peer Mentor Duties:

Academic Resource Education

  • Help students identify personal success goals and strategies
  • Assist students in navigating institution academic resources such as Orange Success, Degree Works, and Blackboard
  • Spend a minimum of one hour a week on the LC floor, checking in with students and offering academic support

Academic Programming

  • Facilitate the creation of and remain a resource for study groups
  • Plan and implement two academic programs or workshops a semester, one tailored around academic resources and one around preparing for academic advising appointments
  • Collaborate with other LC team members on programs and events as necessary

Academic Outreach and Support

  • Provide necessary referrals to campus academic support services
  • Support students in managing their academic difficulties

Training and Other Administrative duties

  • Adhere to SU and Residence Life policies
  • Participate in peer mentor training, staff meetings, and supervisor 1on1s
  • Greet students and parents on the LC floor as a part of the Fall move-in
  • Attend LC team meetings, welcome event, and the LC opening event
  • Assist with gathering feedback on the peer mentor program from students

International Relations LC Specific Duties:

  • Coordinate/facilitate review/study sessions for PSC 124 quizzes (4) and final exam (1) during the fall semester (6 hours/fall semester)
  • Attend IRLC team planning meetings (8 hours/per semester
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of IRLC faculty connected programs, Fall retreat, site visits, and/or service project (10 hours per semester)
  • Attend the IRLC fall retreat & site visits (10 hours per semester)


  • Peer Mentors will have the opportunity to earn up to 80 hours at $11.80 hourly rate or $944.00 total for the Fall 2019 semester.
  • In addition, the IRLC Peer Mentor may earn 1 academic experience credit (IRP 270/470) in the Fall semester by helping faculty member/IRLC advisor to prepare lesson plans for and to participate in one class discussion session each week in PSC 124 International Relations.  These “Fun Friday” sessions use music, graphics/videos, and interactive exercises to illustrate and bring to life the major themes/concepts explored in the course for that week’s unit.  The IRLC Peer Mentor may earn 1 credit for this “teaching practicum.”

Peer Mentor Qualifications:

  • Be in good academic standing with the university: 2.5 semester GPA and 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Be in good judicial standing with the University
  • Be able to commit to the PM position from August 19, 2019-May 6, 2020
  • Be able to commit up to 5 hours a week to the PM position  
  • Be invested in student learning through encouraging academic success, exchanging meaningful dialogue, and supporting personal growth
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and enjoy building relationships with students
  • Display strong organizational and time management skills
  • PMs are highly encouraged to live in their LC buildings, however, it is not mandatory. Preference will be given to candidates willing to live on the floor
  • Candidates who have related majors, taken LC courses, or lived in an LC previously will be given priority


  • Application Deadline: Sunday, February 3, 2019