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Become a Learning Community Peer Mentor

The Office of Learning Communities believes strongly in the importance and value of peer-to-peer education and support.  Peer Mentors – also known as ambassadors, peer educators, peer leaders, or a variety of other titles – provide encouragement, leadership, and academic support to incoming learning community residents that is impactful and lasting.  Although not required, most peer mentors previously lived in the same learning community for which they serve now.  This familiarity with course(s), instructors, activities and events, and community living has many positives and allows the peer mentor to continue their relationship with the LC beyond their first year on campus.

Learning Community Peer Mentors support the Mission of the Office of Learning Communities through coordinating academic and co-curricular initiatives pertaining to their learning community.  These Peer Mentors create educational programs, foster relationships with faculty and staff, assist first-year students in transitioning to Syracuse University, and help students become connected with academic support services.  The duties of each peer mentor may be customized to fit the individual needs of each learning community, drawing from the dynamics of incoming first-year students to allow the Peer Mentor to maximize their contributions to the community.


  • January 25th -February 11th: Peer Mentor candidates can apply online
  • February 26th, 27th, and 28th: Peer Mentor candidate interviews
  • March 1st: LC Office sends offer letter & contract to selected candidates (via email)
  • March 9th: Accept/decline deadline for all Peer Mentor candidates


Click the link below to learn more about the specific job duties and apply:

If you have any questions about the Office of Learning Communities Peer Mentor positions and/or the application process please contact Ashley Kurtz: 315-443-2560/

Become a Learning Community Resident Advisor

We invite you to consider applying to be an Learning Communty Resident Advisor! From planning programs, interacting with the faculty, and helping student successfully transition to Syracuse Univeristy, Learning Community Resident Advisors (LCRA) have a huge impact on the expereince of the learning community students.

LCRAs are just like other RAs, but with a few added tasks and responsiblities, which include but are not limited to:
  • Facilitate periodic meetings/programs with faculty
  • Assist with providing additional LC programs
  • Attend additional training and meetings (2 times/semester)
  • Plan a welcome event during opening specifically for the LC students
  • Attend the LC retreat/ropes course
  • Implement the educational programming model, the Residential Learning Initiative into the Learning Communities programming
  • Attend and actively support LCAB activities and programs
  • Actively assist in the recruitment of learning community residents
  • Actively assist in the recruitment of Learning Community Resident Advisors

To compensate for the extra responsibility, LCRAs receive a maximum of $600 per year.