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The Learning Community Experience...

If you're not sure about what happens in a learning community, then take a look at the photos, video, and quotes below to get a glimpse of the student experience within a learning community.

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 Helping each other with homework and studying together for exams in the learning community is always productive as we strive to become great scientists and engineers

Asiah BaileyAsiah Bailey
College of Engineering and Computer Science

My decision to be a part of the International Relations Learning Community was one of the best decisions I made – not only did the learning community provide me with extraordinary opportunities, such as our fall trip to the Canadian Parliament, but it also fostered a “family” community with the rest of the participants. The "study buddies" I made helped me to be successful in the course and provided me with friendships that will continue throughout my SU career.

Patricia D’AmorePatricia D’Amore
College of Arts and Sciences

The LGBTA Studies Learning Community provides a safe environment for all of the members and it’s where I learned to be more active in fighting against hate.

Kevin DorvilKevin Dorvil
College of Visual and Performing Arts