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Joining a learning community is a great way for you as a new, incoming first-year students to enhance your Syracuse University experience. 

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LC Choices

There are over 25 different learning communities to choose from which are focused around the arts, business management, cultural exploration, global connections, health and wellness, leadership, and science and math. Click to find the learning community that's right for you!

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Application Process

Once you have determined which learning community is a good fit for you, you need to sign up. Click to learn about the learning community application process.

Group of Learning Community students having fun

The LC Experience

Not sure about what happens in a learning community?  Click and see photos, video, and quotes to get a glimpse of the student experience within a learning community.

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Benefits from Joining a Learning Community

The reasons to join a learning community and the benefits you gain are many. Click to learn all about how a learning community could benefit you.

Just like Learning Communities, Orange SUccess is an extra free benefit for you, with the same goal of helping you succeed at Syracuse University.  You automatically have access to Orange SUccess through your MySlice and Blackboard accounts - so start using it!

Use Orange SUccess Now!

  • Use it to connect to your own network of faculty and staff dedicated to help you succeed.
  • Use it to get feedback from professors on how you're doing in class; from recognizing outstanding work to identifying areas for improvement.
  • Use it to get access to Syracuse University services.
  • Use it to virtually "raise your hand" and ask for help.

To learn more, go to

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about Orange SUccess...