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Global Connections Learning Communities

These learning communities will offer you opportunities to explore and understand global issues around the world today.  Active participation in discussions and community events with your fellow learning community students will build a strong sense of community while encouraging you to explore different cultures. All students in these learning communities will be housed in Day Hall.

Please visit our Global Connections learning community partners, for additional information about programs they offer: Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center for International Services; Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs - International Relations Program; and the College of Arts and Sciences; Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.

International Living-Learning Community

The International Living-Learning Community fosters cultural, academic, professional, and social interaction on campus and in the community.  This learning community draws from the global environment in which we live to explore the various facets of diversity in relation to the campus, community, nation, and the world.  Emphasis is placed on active participation and engagement with fellow members of the learning community in discussions and at campus and community events. This learning community experience is designed to help students better understand and appreciate differences encountered living in a diverse world and to develop the intercultural communication skills necessary for success.  Students assist in determining which events this learning community will participate in —from participation in low and high ropes course teambuilding to community dinners and more!
  • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • There is no course requirement for this learning community.
  • Location: Day Hall on the 4th floor for the 2018-2019 academic year.

International Relations Learning Community

Students new to Syracuse University who intend to pursue international relations as a significant component of their academic program at Syracuse University are invited to participate in the International Relations Learning Community. The community is designed to develop an awareness of international issues through focused discussion and activities, and to provide students with information about relevant opportunities, resources, and internships at off-campus centers, including overseas study abroad and our Maxwell-in-Washington IR Policy Semester.  Students will take the introductory international relations course, which will be linked with their co-curricular and residence hall experiences. Students will be encouraged to attend lectures, cross-cultural workshops, and other special activities in conjunction with the International Relations Program.  Each year the IRLC offers others opportunities such as visits to the International Center of Syracuse, the Center for New Americans to learn about the Refugee Resettlement Program, and the Great Law of Peace Center.
  • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • Open to selected upper-class students serving as peer mentors.
  • Students register in the fall semester for PSC 124: International Relations (3 credits), taught by the Undergraduate Director for International Relations and CAS 101 (1 credit). In the spring semester, students have the option to register for MAX 132: Global Community (3 credits).
  • Location: Day Hall on the 3rd floor for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Language and Culture (LC) Learning Community

Created for students with a passion for exploring different languages, cultures, and international learning contexts, this learning community provides the opportunity to live with other students with similar interests in language and culture exploration. The LCLC introduces students to cultural and linguistic diversity and teaches cultural understanding through language exploration, an increasingly important ideal in an ever-more global society.  Students focus on language learning through conversation, cultural events, a foreign film series, and the sharing of their own cultural heritage.  Students assist in determining which events this learning community will participate in —from dinners and theater to festivals drawn from the highly diverse ethnic communities in Syracuse, New York City, and the surrounding areas.
  • Open to first-year undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences students only. (Ideal for students who plan to major in any language or in linguistics)
  • Students register for CAS 101 (1 credit) and the appropriate level language course
  • Location: Day Hall on the 5th floor for the 2018-2019 academic year.