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Business & Management Learning Communities

Each of the learning communities in this category specialize in an aspect of business.  Maybe you have an entrepreneurial spirit and think you may want to start your own company someday?  Perhaps you find yourself wondering about the business behind the sports industry? If this fits for you, then you might want to join one of the learning communities listed below. 

Please visit our Business & Management learning community partners, for additional information about programs they offer: Whitman School of Management; David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics; Sport Management Department; Sport Analytics Department.

Barbara Glazer Weinstein and Jerome S. Glazer Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Learning Community

Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Do you think that someday you might want to start your own company? The Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) learning community is for you! This learning community is open to students from any major who have the energy, the drive and the passion to pursue their ideas. The class uses experiential learning to foster the skills of entrepreneurship that can be used in any discipline.  This class also introduces you to the vast resources available at Syracuse University if you decide to pursue your idea while you are a student. Guest speakers in the class include current SU students who have started their own businesses, faculty who teach entrepreneurship, and representatives from organizations that serve as resources for motivated students.  All in all this community is a great experience not only intellectually but also socially as you integrate into the Syracuse campus.
  • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • Open to selected upper-class students serving as peer mentors.
  • All students required enrollment in EEE 110/PST 110: Discovering the Entrepreneur Within (1 credit).
  • Location: Dellplain Hall on the 3rd floor for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Sport Analytics Living-Learning Community

The Sport Analytics Living-Learning Community is an exciting learning community connected to the Sport Analytics major.  This learning community is for students interested in the statistical, scientific, and economic aspects of sports; where data is used to make decisions about player talent, sales, scouting, marketing, and finance. Students will live, interact, and learn alongside other first-year students who share a passion for sport analytics. Participants will enjoy a variety of activities, such as attending a hockey game, networking with faculty, or perhaps touring our Division 1 athletic facilities.  
  • Open to first-year undergraduate students majoring in sport analytics.
  • Students register for HSH 101: First-Year Gateway (1 credit), SPM 201: Professional Development in Sport Management (1 credit), and WRT 105: Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits).
  • Location: Flint Hall on the 2nd floor for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Sport Management Living-Learning Community

The Sport Management Living-Learning Community is where first-year SPM majors with a passion for sports live and work together and enjoy the opportunity to enrich their academic and social lives.  This learning community is designed to develop academic and professional skills through coursework and provides opportunities for networking with faculty, sports professionals and alumni who work in this fast-paced and competitive profession.
  • Open to first-year undergraduate sport management students only.
  • Students are automatically enrolled in three required courses: SPM 205: Principles of Sport Management (3 credits); HSH 101: First-Year Gateway (1 credit); WRT 105: Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits).
  • Location: Flint Hall on the 1st floor for the 2019-2020  academic year.

Whitman Leadership Learning Community

Were you selected as a Whitman Leadership Scholar? If so, then the Whitman Leadership Learning Community is the perfect place for you to begin your college experience at Syracuse University. Join other Whitman Leadership Scholars who have a track-record of leadership and engagement – just like you! This living-learning community will introduce you to the vast academic resources and social opportunities available at Syracuse University. In addition, you will be able to connect with Whitman faculty and staff who can further enhance your college experience and expand your professional network.

  • Open to first-year undergraduate Whitman Leadership Scholar students only.
  • There is no course requirement for this learning community.
  • Location: Dellplain Hall on the 8th floor for the 2019-2020 academic year.