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Arts & Expression Learning Communities

Do you like to express yourself through the arts: acting, drawing, music, paintings, poetry and spoken word, sculpture, etc.? Or, are you a major within the School of Design? As a member of the communities below, you will live with students who want to explore the arts on campus and in the surrounding area.  All students in these learning communities will be housed in Boland Hall.

Please visit our Arts & Expression learning community partners, for additional information about programs they offer: School of Design; Fashion Communications Milestone S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications; College of Visual and Performing Arts; Office of Multicultural Affairs; Verbal Blend.

Arts Adventure Learning Community

The Arts Adventure Learning Community supports the philosophy that the arts are an essential part of a college education. Students participating in this learning community will live together and be engaged in the arts through performances, gallery shows, and other forms of artistic expression. Participants will live with other students from a variety of majors and will collaborate on artistic projects and learning experiences within the hall.  Through this learning community, students will experience and engage in the cultural opportunities available both on campus and regionally.
  • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • There is no course requirement for this learning community.
  • Location: Boland Hall on the 2nd and 3rd floors for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Design Learning Community

The Design Learning Community provides first-year design majors, whether Communications, Environmental & Interior, Fashion, or Industrial & Interaction, with an academically and socially supportive environment where they will develop a solid understanding of the fundamental elements of the design disciplines.  Students in this learning community will live and work in close proximity, have access to a residential studio space specifically for Design first-year students, and receive intentional mentoring from upper-class Design majors who will focus on first-year course work, Design-specific software, and techniques necessary for success.  In addition, faculty mentors will work with the learning community students to help with course work and career preparation.  Finally, learning community students will participate in design-oriented field trips, networking opportunities with local design professionals, and events to enhance learning around the core design principles.  The location for this living and learning community is specifically chosen as it is the closest residence hall to and has direct bus shuttle service to the School of Design, housed in the Nancy Cantor Warehouse.

  • Open to first-year undergraduate School of Design students only.
  • Students register for DES 101: Design Concepts (3 credits); DES 103: Introduction to Design Thinking (3 credits); DES 113: History of Modern Design (3 credits).
  • Location: Boland Hall on the 1st floor for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Fashion Communications Learning Community

The Fashion Communications Learning Community is designed for students who are passionate about fashion and looking to explore fashion beyond the classroom.  This learning community offers students numerous fun and intellectually engaging activities aimed at developing creativity and vision, evaluating fashion advertising, exploring design concepts and merchandising theories, and watching the occasional episodes of Project Runway. Students will be offered a number of opportunities to engage with the campus about fashion outside of their program by attending panel discussions and guest lectures.  
  • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • There is no course requirement for this learning community.
  • Location: Boland Hall on the 4th floor for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Poets Learning Community

The Poets Learning Community brings together first-year students interested in writing and performing their diverse stories through spoken word poetry at Syracuse University. Through a series of Verbal Blend workshops, special events, and interactions with other poets, students build a supportive community for writing, public speaking, and artistic expression through spoken word and hip-hop.  The learning community strives to provide a safe environment for poets to share their diverse stories, write and perform original poetry as well as to provide programs geared towards bringing awareness to spoken-word poetry, slams and hip-hop.
  • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • There is no course requirement for this learning community.
  • Location: Boland Hall on the 5th floor for the 2018-2019 academic year.